Spiritual Direction

Your experience. Your story.

Ryan is certified as a spiritual director from the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction. He utilizes an integrative approach, including the evocative method, Ignatian spirituality, and psychodynamic psychology.

Spiritual direction is an intentional space set aside to listen to your yearnings, your fears, your hopes, your challenges…your life. In the race of days, it can be difficult to cultivate the time to  pay attention to your life, your innermost being, and the divine. Spiritual direction is a time set aside for tending to what is deepest in you.

Spiritual direction is  “spiritual” because it deals with the deepest stuff of life, of you and your story, of heartache and wounds, of beauty and blessing-and where the divine is found in the midst of it all. It is “direction” because together we direct attention to what really matters, tending to the inner world, to the true self, the place where your spirit and the Spirit merge.

Spiritual direction offers a setting for listening deeply to your experience, your story, your pain, your beauty. To get in touch with the felt presence and absence of God, for cultivating greater awareness of the movements of the divine within. It can also involve discernment for navigating life’s big decisions or the complexities of work, relationships, and finances.

Whether you come from a faith tradition, are spiritual but not religious, or a seeker in another way altogether, spiritual direction can provide a shelter safe for wrestling with the challenges of your life as well as celebrating its beauty.  I work with women and men of all faith backgrounds and none, and specialize in working with missionaries, community development & humanitarian aid workers & Peace Corps volunteers, as well as those struggling with depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as an adjunct to psychological and psychiatric treatment.

Your life is the greatest story ever told. I would be honored to explore it with you.